Who Can Stand Up to Jealousy?

Fury is cruel and anger overwhelming, but who can stand up to jealousy? Proverbs 27:4

Jealousy is a hell of a thing! Who can stand up to it? Who can endure the intentions, thoughts and acts of a jealous person towards them? Jealous people are dangerous and wicked. As an object of someone’s jealousy you will be attacked, maligned and held in great contempt.

Have you ever wondered, yourself, or heard someone say, “Why would that person be jealous of me?” My friend, you don’t have to be wealthier, prettier or happier than someone for them to be jealous of you. Here are three reasons why one person may be jealous of another.

 1. Favour

In Genesis 37, we learn that Joseph was deeply loved by his father; he was favoured above his brothers. He was also favoured by God who revealed to him in a dream that his father and brothers will one day honour him as ruler. You see, he was the eleventh son. Following the natural order of things, he had ten brothers preceding. Yet he was chosen as the head. What favour! After sharing his dream with the family, his father rebuked him and his brothers hated him, were jealous of him, and planned to kill him.

When you are favoured, when you are given opportunities you should not have, when you are placed in positions where you should not naturally be in, when you are skipped and propelled beyond others, there are people who will be jealous. There are people who will have the opinion that you do not deserve it, even if you do. People will be jealous of your dreams and aspirations. People will be jealous just because you have dreams of achieving things beyond your present situation. As a result, you will be hated and they will try to take you out.

2. Increase

Exodus 1:8-22 speaks about the descendants of Israel multiplying and increasing in number while living in Egypt. The new Pharoah at that time became intimidated by their growth and expansion and decided to enslave and oppress them.

When you step out of your wilderness and enter into your rest, your borders will expand and you will begin to prosper. When your hustle and grind start paying off, when the fruit of your labour is evident, you will experience growth and increase. Along with that will come people who are intimidated and envious. People who will not know about your struggle in getting to where you are; yet because of jealousy will try to stunt your growth, destroy your seeds and make your life bitter.

3. Influence

Acts 5:17-20, 13:45, 17:5-9 reveals that as the early church grew and the Apostles grew in influence, there were other people and leaders who became jealous. As a result they imprisoned them, threatened them, insulted them, spoke against them, and attacked them.

You may be a person who inspires, motivates and impacts others. It may not be your goal to do that but the life you live, the things you do and say may naturally increase your influence in other people’s lives. Because of this, someone may be jealous. Others may speak positively about you resulting in another person becoming jealous. Such a person will then malign you in an attempt to turn others against you.

Now the question remains, who can stand up to jealousy?

YOU CAN, through the Spirit of the Living God. For

“… we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called in accordance with his purpose; … What, then, are we to say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare even his own Son, but gave him up on behalf of us all–is it possible that, having given us his Son, he would not give us everything else too? So who will bring a charge against God’s chosen people? Certainly not God–he is the one who causes them to be considered righteous! Who punishes them? Certainly not the Messiah Yeshua, who died and–more than that–has been raised, is at the right hand of God and is actually pleading on our behalf! … No, in all these things we are superconquerors, through the one who has loved us.” Romans 8: 28,31,37

The LORD rescued Joseph from death and every trouble he encountered. He continued to favour him, brought him to the fulfillment of his dreams and enabled him to deliver his family from death including the brothers who hated him and tried to destroy him. Despite the attack against the Israelites to eliminate them, the LORD caused them to continue to multiply and to grow powerfully. He sent his angels to open the prison doors, He vindicated the Apostles and increased their influence in the midst of the persecution they faced. What He did for them, He will do the same and more for YOU!

As we realign our lives, do not be swayed, do not be disheartened, do not be intimidated by jealousy. Do not shy away because of attacks of jealous people. If you desire greatness, if you are favoured, if you have come into a place of increase and influence stand firm, stand tall and stand in the power and protection of the Spirit of God.

– Standing up to jealousy

3 thoughts on “Who Can Stand Up to Jealousy?

  1. Awesome conclusion!!! I cannot help reiterating it – “…do not be disheartened, do not be intimidated by jealousy. Do not shy away because of attacks of jealous people. If you desire greatness, if you are favoured, if you have come into a place of increase and influence stand firm, stand tall and stand in the power and protection of the Spirit of God”.

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