Take Heed

“You must hear wen me talk to you” … “Why you nar hear?”

The command and question mentioned above are things I grew up hearing my mother say to me and many other mothers saying to their children … quite frequently. It was not an implication, by any means, that I was or any of the other children were deaf or hard of hearing; rather it was a matter of us not taking heed to something that was said to us.

Ever since I came across the saying “Whoever has ears to hear with, let him hear!” in the Bible, I had never really understood what it meant. Even though I heard several people talk about it and explain it, I just did not get it. Until one day while reading from the Complete Jewish Bible, I came across a reference in Luke 8:8, the light went on in my head and it was as clear as noon to me. It means to TAKE HEED. Messiah was urging those listening to take heed to what He was saying.

To take heed, according to the dictionary, means to pay attention or to give consideration to (advice, a warning, etc.)

As I began to ponder on this newfound revelation (at least for me, it was) I realized that within the natural realm not everyone who has ears has the ability to hear. People who are deaf have ears yet they are unable to hear. Within the spiritual realm everyone who has the ability to hear but not everyone is able to understand what is being said or what is heard. Because you can hear it does not necessarily mean that you can understand it.

When Messiah taught the people, it was a common thing for Him to teach via parables because what He taught was not for everybody. Even though all who were there heard what was said, not everyone understood. Even the disciples were confused at times and had to ask Him to explain. Speaking to them in

Mark 4:11 CJB, He said, “… To you the secret of the Kingdom of God has been given; but to those outside, everything is in parables, so that they may be always looking but never seeing; always listening but never understanding …”

Moving forward, if we lack understanding, let us ask Holy Spirit to grant us understanding, enlightenment and clarity that we may hear – take heed. If you have been privileged with that ability to understand, pay attention and give consideration to what was said to you – whether it is advice or warning. As we seek to realign our actions, if we have ears that function … ears that are working … then let us hear – take heed!

– Taking Heed

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