“It would be better for us to be the Egyptians’ slaves than to die in the desert!” Exodus 14:12b

To put the above statement in context, let us take a look at what occurred before. The people of Israel were commanded by Pharoah to leave Egypt after all the firstborns were killed. Now Pharoah had a change of heart and decided to take all of his chariots, horses, cavalry and army to go and bring back the Israelites. When they caught up to the Israelites, they hedged them in.

With Pharoah and his army on one side and the sea on the other side, they had nowhere to go and the Israelites were afraid. It was at this point that they cried out to YHVH and said to Moshe,

“Was it because there weren’t enough graves in Egypt that you brought us out to die in the desert? Why have you done this to us, bringing us out of Egypt? Didn’t we tell you in Egypt to let us alone, we’ll just go on being slaves for the Egyptians? It would be better for us to be the Egyptians’ slaves than to die in the desert!”‘ Exodus 14:11-12 CJB

Have you ever been in a situation where you were delivered from a habit, circumstance, difficulty or hard life situation? You were barely becoming comfortable in your newfound freedom when you were subject to an onslaught of accusations and attacks? It can be overwhelming and it can be fearsome, especially when you are trapped and there seems to be no way to go.

At that moment, when we are enveloped in fear, it seems as if we will not make it and the past bondage appears better than our present situation.

There is a process in God where we are taken through a wilderness experience to be purged and pruned. It is a preparation for the promise that the LORD made to us. When we go through our wilderness experience, meant to purge us from every worldly thinking and align us with the mind of God, it is tough! It is a difficult process because we are required to die to self and to be disciplined in order for growth and transformation to occur.

As part of the process we will have to deal with attacks of the enemy. This is meant to activate and increase our faith. Contrarily, many times we allow fear to overwhelm us. As a result, in that moment of despair, we choose to remain in bondage instead of dying to self. How many times because of attacks have we forgotten the promise of God and cried to go back to the familiar but shackled life?

Do not allow what is coming against you to temporarily blind you to where you are heading, and to who is standing for you and with you!

Do you think YHVH has brought you out to leave you to be destroyed? Do you not believe He will deliver you from everything that comes your way? Every step of the process He is with you, taking care of you, guiding you, preparing you for your promise. Do not be discouraged! Do not be dismayed! Do not be disheartened for the LORD, your God is with you!

– Trapped but unafraid

5 thoughts on “Trapped!

  1. “How many times because of attacks have we forgotten the promise of God and cried to go back to the familiar but shackled life?”

    This is a profound question. My answer would be too many! And almost even as we speak. Without the encouragement of this post, perhaps I would not have recognized my feelings for what they were and turned back. But I will not! I will lean into God and his strength.

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  2. Yes, if God is for you, who can be against you?
    Great reminder, Teresa, that God never leaves us alone. No matter how tough the situation gets, He is right there with us.
    Blessings to you!


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