Understanding Wisdom

Understanding Wisdom Teaching Series

[YHVH] made me as the beginning of his way, … I was with him as someone he could trust. Proverbs 22a,30 CJB

Wisdom was a vital part in the works and ways of the LORD. Hence, it should be an important part of our everyday life. Wisdom is a familiar term that is well known but not well understood. This teaching series was created to aid us in understanding wisdom so that we can effectively and actively incorporate it into our day to day living.

Understanding Wisdom is a bi-weekly teaching series that will cover various aspects of the wisdom of God over the coming months. Throughout the duration of this series, we will cover the following topics:

  1. Defining Wisdom – this is where we will discover what wisdom really is
  2. The Secret Wisdom – this reveals the mystery behind the God kind of wisdom
  3. Wisdom’s Sidekick – this is where we find out who or what is wisdom’s sidekick
  4. Who Needs Wisdom – this identifies those for whom wisdom is necessary and required
  5. Attributes of Wisdom – these are the qualities or characteristics ascribed to wisdom
  6. Principles of Wisdom – this uncovers the fundamental and foundational truths that govern wisdom
  7. Benefits of Wisdom – these are the advantages and helpful results of having wisdom
  8. Identifying Wisdom in Your Life – how can one know for sure that they are wise

In the next session, we will jump right in to discover what is wisdom. Thank you for joining us as we learn together and grow together.

Let’s get to know wisdom!

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