Transfiguration Encounters – Affirmation 

Shalom Realigners!
I am sharing an encouraging post from YHVH Revealed Network today to remind you to not be discouraged with the revelation that the LORD has entrusted to you. Even though it has not manifested as yet, does not mean that it will not come to fruition. Be encouraged that our God watches over His Word – Truth – to bring it to pass.

YHVH Revealed Network

Revelation Carriers,

The moment you received the revelations of God you are carrying, a timer was set and attached to them. Every revelation has a set time to step into its full time. It is for this reason you will see, time and again, that Scripture declares “in the fullness of time”or “when the fullness of time came”.

At first, that revelation may look or sound false but in the fullness of time it would be proven true. Oftentimes, such revelations are faced with rejection because a revelation at its core is the disclosure of something not previously known. However, in the fullness of time, that which has been revealed which was rejected as fallacy is then confirmed as truth. For God always affirms anything and anyone He reveals.Scripture endorses this truth in both Testaments.

As it relates to His revealed words, Prophet Isaiah disclosed that “…just…

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