Naked and Unashamed – Perfect

They were both naked, the man and his wife, and they were not ashamed. Genesis 2:25 CJB

In the earlier verses of Genesis 2, we see that the LORD decided to make “a companion suitable for helping [Adam]” after He discovered there was none and that it was not good that he should be alone. After the LORD formed Eve and brought her to Adam, he accepted her. Then the scripture revealed that “they were both naked … and they were not ashamed.”

Adam and Eve were exposed and vulnerable (naked), yet they were without guilt, self-consciousness and doubt (unashamed). Because they were spirit first, I believe this was not only a physical manifestation but in spirit as well.

They were perfect! There was nothing hidden in their hearts, thoughts, and spirit before each other and before the LORD. They were open and honest – just the way the LORD intended their union with each other, and with Him, to be.

In marriage and in life, there may be a tendency for us to hide things from others. No one likes to be exposed or vulnerable. Because of our life experiences we hide because of feelings of embarrassment, shame, guilt, disgrace, hurt, insecurities, etc. We can even find ourselves hiding from the LORD.

Nonetheless, within the bond of marriage I believe it is the plan of the LORD for us to be “naked” before each other and not ashamed. We should be raw and honest in our heart, thoughts, intentions, actions, habits, emotions, mind, body, spirit and not feel fearful or ashamed. Not only before each other but also before the LORD.

It is not by any means an easy thing to do, especially when we factor in life and all that it brings as well as the potential judgement of others. We know the world can be a harsh place and the last thing we need is more cause for rejection and insecurities within the bonds of marriage and relationship.

However it is the intention of the LORD for the marriage covenant between husband and wife to be a safe and secure place. Additionally, for that to be as per His original design, we must coexist and relate to each other in honesty and with vulnerability.

If this was the LORD’s original plan, then how did we get to the place where we tend to hide from each other and carry feelings of shame, guilt, insecurities and fear? Find out more in the next post!



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