Who Are We?

Willful ReAlignment™, founded and managed by Teresa Gaymes, is a part of the YHVH Revealed Network.

Location: Montréal QC, CANADA

At Willful ReAlignment™ we believe that as citizens of the Kingdom of God, we have and should live the fullest measure of life. However, in order for us to achieve this kind of life, we must be intentional in our pursuit of it and be properly aligned.

Proper Alignment is necessary for everything in life. Anything out of alignment does not work well, including the human body, a vehicle, a family unit, a company/organization, the mind, LIFE.

With this in mind, we are here to train you and equip you with the tools you need to align your life according to the standards set for us by YHVH.

The YHVH aligned life must be built. As such, we will centre our teachings around the framework upon which we build this life. This framework comprise of the foundation of OBEDIENCE and the five pillars of TRUTH, LOVE, FAITH, WISDOM and COURAGE.

If you are interested in learning to understand and to grow in your ability to hear from the LORD, you will find our DreamLog™ category helpful. We believe that our night dreams contain messages, answers and strategies for life, and are one of the ways in which the LORD talks to us.

Thus we aim to create awareness of the importance of keeping a record of our night dreams so that we are able to monitor and track what is revealed to us through them.

We will also share posts that are based on some of our personal night dreams. These writings will be geared towards lessons learned, instructions and warnings given, and encouragement received through our shared dreams.

Begin your journey now by downloading our free DreamLog Worksheet.


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