Who Are We?

Willful Realignment is a platform created for the sole purpose of exploring, learning and understanding who we are as citizens of the Kingdom of God. It is a place where we learn who we are, whose we are and how we should live and operate in the earth realm.

We incorporate practical steps and tips for everyday kingdom living where we challenge and encourage Christians to live lives of prayer, to be guided daily by Holy Spirit and to raise the standard of holy living in their personal lives.

One of our newest concepts is the DreamLog. This is where you will find posts that are based on some of the night dreams that we have. These writings will be geared towards lessons learned, instructions and warnings given, and encouragement received through our shared dreams.

In addition, we have introduced two new teaching series – Understanding Wisdom and The Kingdom of God – which are a bi-weekly series and a monthly series respectively. We also offer free printables that can be saved and/or printed to inspire, encourage and motivate us in our walk.

Here at Willful Realignment, new posts are released every Thursday. In order not to miss any new content and to keep up-to-date with what we are doing, please remember to subscribe to the blog to receive updates directly in your inbox.


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