Be ReAligned!™

We cannot come into a place of wholeness nor function effectively if we are not aligned.

Be ReAligned!™ involves changing the way we do life in order to strengthen capability and improve function so that we can live an abundant life every day.

When we realign things physically, we line them back up or restore them to a previous balance. For instance,

– when an arm or a leg is broken, the bone needs to be realigned before a cast is put on and the process of healing begins

– the alignment on a car is what makes it drive straight — all four wheels must be lined up perfectly.

In the same way, there are things that must be restored or put back in place in our lives to create a balance or restoration of order that will bring a sense of purpose in our everyday living.

The proper adjustments of the components of life are necessary for an effective and purpose-filled life. Repositioning ourselves to be in line with the instruction set forth for us, by the One who created us, is the only way we can achieve wholeness and function effectively.

Learn the requirements of a God-aligned Life and how to apply them to your life so that you can:

  1. Adjust to His image and likeness
  2. Structure your life to create balance
  3. Take responsibility for yourself and your world