Favored to Flourish™

Everything that has happened in your life, everything that is happening, and everything that will happen are all forging the path towards your expected end.

You are not your struggle! Disappointments do not define you! Delay is not your end!

“… we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called in accordance with His purpose; …” Romans 8:28

Looking at life and its circumstances with this understanding will help you to be focused on the promise ahead and not be distracted by the temporary things happening now.

Let’s be real! The process to the promise is not easy. It is tiresome and trying, and can be lonely, arduous and challenging. It, most often, leads us through the pathways of the wilderness. However, YHVH’s desire for you through all of it is to grow, increase and succeed.

If we are not careful, we can be sidetracked by what we view as only struggle, struggle, struggle. And what was meant to prepare us may become a distraction that derails us from the path of destiny. This is why Willful Realignment is here to encourage you on this journey and to help you to keep the right perspective of your process.

Align your viewpoint to the understanding that every struggle, delay, disappointment, trouble and obstacle is designed to prune, process and position you to stand and function in the place to which you are called.

This is a prepared place for you to come and be recharged and encouraged on the journey.

See you around and remember …

You are Favored to Flourish™!